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​The international impact of physics at HUST is quickly increasing. HUST is the unique university in the world, which has three affiliated National Laboratories related to Physics: The Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics, National Pulsed High Magnetic Field Center, and the National Precise Gravity Measurement Facility led by the School of Physics. They strongly support the research of AMO, condensed matter physics, precision measurement, fundamental theoretical physics and test of fundamental physical laws, and geophysics, etc.

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Undergraduate Program
There are two undergraduate majors in the School of Physics, including Physics and Applied Physics, with over 600 undergraduate students. The school arranges academic staff members for students as academic advisors, who provide all-around guidance for students' study, daily life and career planning.
Graduate Program
The School of Physics has a postdoctoral research station in physics. It is one of the key disciplines in Hubei Province. The sub-disciplines of physics that enroll masters and doctoral students are as followed: theoretical physics, particle physics and nuclear physics, optics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics, condensed matter physics, radio physics, precision measurement physics, solid geophysics.

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