Associate Professor

Phone: (027)87543880-8203


Academic Areas: Space Inertial Sensors and Accelerometers

Research Interests: Space Inertial Sensors and Accelerometers, Precision Gravity Measurements


Dr. Bai Received his Ph.D. degree in radio physics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China, in 2010. He is presently an Associate Professor in the School of Physics, HUST. His research interests include Space Inertial Sensors and Accelerometers, Precision Gravity Measurements.

Academic Degrees

09/2004~01/2010: PhD student in radio physics at CGE, School of Physics, HUST;

09/2000~06/2004: Bachelor student in Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, School of Automation, HUST

Professional Experience

2016-Present: Associate Professor, School of Physics, HUST;

2013-2016: Assistant Professor, School of Physics, HUST;

2010~2013: Post-doctor at Center for Gravitational Experiment (CGE), School of Physics, HUST

Selected Publications

1.Y Z Bai, L Fang, J Luo, H Yin, Z B Zhou(*), Improving the measurement sensitivity of angular deflection of a torsion pendulum by an electrostatic spring, Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2015, 32(17): 175018。

2.Yan-zheng Bai, Ze-bing Zhou(*), Hai-bo Tu, Shu-chao Wu, Lin Cai, Li Liu, Jun Luo, Capacitive position measurement for high-precision space inertial sensor, Frontiers of Physics in China, 2009, 4(2): 205-208。

3.M. Hu, Y. Z. Bai(*), Z. B. Zhou(*), Z. X. Li, J. Luo, Resonant frequency detection and adjustment method for a capacitive transducer with differential transformer bridge, Review of Scientific Instruments, 2014, 85(5): 055001。

4.L Liu, Y Z Bai(*), Z B Zhou(*), H Yin, D Y Tan, J Luo, Measurement of the effect of a thin discharging wire for an electrostatic inertial sensor with a high-quality-factor pendulum, Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2012, 29(5): 055010。

Selected Cases

Awards and Honors

• National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant No.41404140

Courses Taught

• College Physics

• Precision Measurement Physics

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