Zhang Pu

Associate Professor

Phone: (027) 87557375

Email: puzhang0702@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Nanophotonics, plasmonics, quantum optics, first principles modelling

Research Interests: Nanophotonics, plasmonics, quantum optics, first principles modelling


Dr. Zhang Received his B.S degree in Optical Engineering from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, in 2005 and his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, in 2011. In Nov. 2011, he joined the Department of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, as a Postdoctoral Researcher. In 2014, he joined the Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, as a Postdoctoral Researcher. He is presently an Associate Professor in the School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. His research interests include nanophotonics….

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2011, Royal Institute of Technology.

Professional Experience

2014.12-Present: Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

2014.01-2014.12: Postdoctoral Researcher, Technical University of Denmark;

2011.11-2013.12: Postdoctoral Researcher, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Selected Publications

  1. Yusheng Zhang, Pu Zhang, Zhanghua Han, “One-Dimensional Spoof Surface Plasmon Structures for Planar Terahertz Photonic Integration,” J. Lightwave Technol., 33, 3796 (2015)

  2. Rubén Esteban, Asier Zugarramurdi, Pu Zhang, Peter Nordlander, Francisco J. García-Vidal, Andrei G. Borisov and Javier Aizpurua, “A classical treatment of optical tunneling in plasmonic gaps: extending the quantum corrected model to practical situations,” Faraday Discussions, 178, 151 (2015).

  3. Pu Zhang, Johannes Feist, Angel Rubio, Pablo Garcia-Gonzalez and Francisco Jose Garcia-Vidal, “Ab-initio nanoplasmonics: The impact of atomic structure,” Phys. Rev. B, 90, 161407(R) (2014).

  4. Zhanghua Han, Pu Zhang, and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi, “Calculation of bending losses for highly confined modes of optical waveguides with transformation optics,” Opt. Lett., 38, 1778 (2013).

  5. Lorenzo Stella, Pu Zhang, F. J. García-Vidal, Angel Rubio, and P. García-González, “Performance of nonlocal optics when applied to plasmonic nanostructures,” J. Phys. Chem. C, 117, 8941 (2013).

  6. A. I. Fernández-Domínguez, Pu Zhang, Yu Luo, S. A. Maier, F. J. García-Vidal, and J. B. Pendry, “Transformation-optics insight into nonlocal effects in separated nanowires,” Phys. Rev. B, 86, 241110(R) (2012).

  7. Pu Zhang, Michaël Lobet, and Sailing He, “Carpet cloaking on a dielectric half-space,” Opt. Express, 18, 18158 (2010).

  8. Yi Jin, Pu Zhang, and Sailing He, “Abnormal enhancement of electric field inside a thin permittivity-near-zero object in free space,” Phys. Rev. B, 82, 075118 (2010).

  9. Pu Zhang, Yi Jin, and Sailing He, “Inverse transformation optics and reflection analysis for two-dimensional finite-embedded coordinate transformation,” IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quant. Electron., 16, 427 (2010).

  10. Yi Jin, Pu Zhang, and Sailing He, “Squeezing electromagnetic energy with a dielectric split ring inside a permeability-near-zero metamaterial,” Phys. Rev. B, 81, 085117 (2010).

  11. Sailing He, Yanxia Cui, Yuqian Ye, Pu Zhang, and Yi Jin, “Optical nano-antennas and metamaterials,” Mat. Today, 12, 16 (2009).

  12. Pu Zhang, Yi Jin, and Sailing He, “Obtaining a nonsingular two-dimensional cloak of complex shape from a perfect three-dimensional cloak,” Appl. Phys. Lett., 93, 243502 (2008).

  13. Pu Zhang, Yi Jin, and Sailing He, “Cloaking an object on a dielectric half-space,” Opt. Express, 16, 3161 (2008).

  14. Zhili Lin, Jiechen Ding, and Pu Zhang, “Aberration-free two-thin-lens systems based on negative-index materials,” Chin. Phys. B, 17, 954 (2008).

  15. Jianqi Shen and Pu Zhang, “Double-control quantum interferences in a four-level atomic system,” Opt. Express, 15, 6484 (2007).

  16. Xin Hu, Pu Zhang, and Sailing He, “Dual structure of composite right/left-handed transmission line,” J. Zhejiang Univ. Sci. A, 7, 1777 (2006).

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Courses Taught

• College physics.

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