Zhang Zhi

Associate Professor

Phone: 86-027-87543881

Email: zzhang@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: formation mechanism and nanostructure of nanomaterials

Research Interests:


Academic Degrees

Professional Experience

2017.07 – Present: Associate professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2015.11 – 2017.09: Postdoctoral fellow, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2013.10 – 2015.10: Senior scientific officer, Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis, The University of Queensland,

2012.04 – 2015.10: Ph.D, The University of Queensland

2007.09 – 2010.07 Master, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2003.09 – 2007.07 Bachelor, Wuhan University of Technology

Selected Publications

Selected Cases

1. Zhang, Z.; Yuan, F.; Liu, C.; Zhou, F.; Yau, H.; Lu, W.; Qiu, X.; Wong, H.; Chai, Y.; Dai, J. In-situ Observation of Cu Filaments Evolution in SiO2 layer. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2017, 1622-1623.

2. Zhang, F.; Zhang, Z.†; Wang, H.; Chan, C.; Chan, N.; Chen, X.; Dai, J. Plasma-enhanced Pulsed-Laser Deposition of Single-crystalline Mo2C Ultrathin Superconducting Film. Physical Review Materials 2017, 1, 034002.

3. Yuan, F.; Zhang, Z.†; Liu, C.; Zhou, F.; Yau, H.; Lu, W.; Qiu, X.; Wong, H.; Dai, J.; Chai, Y. Real-Time Observation of the Electrode-Size-Dependent Evolution Dynamics of the Conducting Filaments in a SiO2 Layer. ACS Nano 2017, 11, 4097-4104.

4. Zhang, Z.; Shi, S; Chen, P.; Lu, W.; Zou, J. Defect-Free Thin InAs Nanowires Grown Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Nanoscale 2016, 8, 1401-1406. (IF=7.36)

5. Zhang, Z.; Lu, Z.; Chen, P.; Lu, W.; Zou, J. Defect-Free Zinc-Blende Structured InAs Nanowires Realized by in Situ Two V/III Ratio Growth in Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Nanoscale 2015, 7, 12592-12597. (IF=7.36)

6. Zhang, Z.; Zheng, K.; Lu, Z.; Chen, P.; Lu, W.; Zou, J. Catalyst Orientation Induced Growth of Defect-Free Zinc-Blende Structured <00> InAs Nanowires. Nano Letters 2015, 15, 876-882. (IF=12.71)

7. Zhang, Z.; Han, X.; Zou, J. Direct Realizing the Growth Direction of Epitaxial Nanowires by Electron Microscopy. Science China Materials 2015, 58(6), 433-440. (Front cover)

8. Zhang, Z.; Lu, Z.; Xu, H.; Chen, P.; Lu, W.; Zou, J. Structure and Quality Controlled Growth of InAs Nanowires through Catalyst Engineering. Nano Research 2014, 7, 1640-1649. (IF=7.35)

Awards and Honors

Courses Taught

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