Zhou Yueming


Phone: (027)87543881

Email: zhouymhust@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Intense laser-atom/molecule interaction

Research Interests:


Academic Degrees

Bachelor in applied physics, 2008, School of Physics, HUST

PhD in physical electronics, 2013, School of Physics, HUST

Professional Experience

2015-Present : Associate Professor, School of Physics, HUST, China

2013-2015: JSPS fellow, University of Electrocommunications, Japan

Selected Publications

1. Near-Forward Rescattering Photoelectron Holography in Strong-Field Ionization: Extraction of the Phase of the Scattering Amplitude, Yueming Zhou, Oleg I. Tolstikhin, and Toru Morishita, Phys. Rev. lett. 116, 173001 (2016).

2. Subcycle Control of Electron-Electron Correlation in Double Ionization, Li Zhang, Xinhua Xie, Stefan Roither, Yueming Zhou, Peixiang Lu, Daniil Kartashov, Markus Schöffler, Dror Shafir, Paul B. Corkum, Andrius Baltuška, André Staudte, and Markus Kitzler, Phys. Rev. lett. 112, 193002 (2014).

3. Classical Simulations Including Electron Correlations for Sequential Double Ionization, Yueming Zhou, Cheng Huang, Qing Liao, and Peixiang Lu, Phys. Rev. lett. 109, 053004 (2012).

4. Identifying backward-rescattering photoelectron hologram with orthogonal two-color laser fields, Yang Li, Yueming Zhou*, Mingrui He, Min Li, and Peixiang Lu, Optics Express 24, 23697 (2016).

5. Temporal and spatial manipulation of the recolliding wave packet in strong-field photoelectron holography, Mingrui He, Yang Li, Yueming Zhou*, Min Li, and Peixiang Lu, Phys. Rev. A 93, 033406 (2016).

6. Hyperspherical calculations of ultralow-energy collisions in Coulomb three-body systems, Yueming Zhou, Shinichi Watanabe, Oleg I. Tolstikhin, and Toru Morishita, Phys. Rev. A 92, 032713 (2015)

7. Resolving subcycle electron emission in strong-field sequential double ionization, Aihong Tong, Yueming Zhou*, and Peixiang Lu, Optics Express 23, 15774 (2015).

8. Correlated electron dynamics in nonsequential double ionization by orthogonal two-color laser pulses, Yueming Zhou, Cheng Huang, Aihong Tong, Qing Liao, and Peixiang Lu, Optics Express 19, 2301 (2011).

9. Control the revisit time of the electron wave packet, Yueming Zhou, Cheng Huang,1 Qing Liao, Weiyi Hong, and Peixiang Lu, Optics Letters 36, 2758 (2011).

10. Asymmetric electron energy sharing in strong-field double ionization of helium, Yueming Zhou, Qing Liao, and Peixiang Lu, Phys. Rev. A 82, 053402 (2010).

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