Wu Shuchao


Phone: (027) 87543940

Email: scwu@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Gravitational Experiments in Space

Research Interests: Inertial sensor for gravitational waves detection in space


Academic Degrees

PhD in Structure Engineering, 2001, HUST

Professional Experience

2004.12-present: Professor in School of Physics, HUST

2001.7-2004.11: Associate Professor in School of Physics, HUST

1999.7-2001.6: Lecturer in School of Physics, HUST

1997.9-1998.8: Visiting Scholar in Moscow State University, Russia

1997.7-1999.6: Assistant in School of Physics, HUST

Selected Publications

L. Liu, X. Ye, S.C. Wu, Y.Z. Bai, Z.B. Zhou, A low-frequency vibration insensitive pendulum bench based on translation-tilt-compensation for measuring the performances of inertial sensor, Class. Quantum Grav. 32 (2015), 195016

G. Li, S. C. Wu, Z. B. Zhou, Y. Z. Bai, M. Hu, and J. Luo, Design and validation of a high-voltage levitation circuit for electrostatic accelerometers, Rev.Sci.Instrum. 84, 125004 (2013)

W. Tian, S. C. Wu, Z. B. Zhou, S. B. Qu, Y. Z. Bai, and J. Luo, High resolution space quartz-flexure accelerometer based on capacitive sensing and electrostatic control technology, Rev.Sci.Instrum. 83, 095002 (2012)

Selected Cases

Awards and Honors

Courses Taught

University Physics


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