Lei Weihua

Associate Professor

Phone: (027)87543881

Email: leiwh@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: High energy astrophysics; Gamma-ray bursts; Tidal-disruption events

Research Interests: Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and tidal-disruption events (TDEs)


My main research interests are gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and tidal-disruption events (TDEs). I study the central engine of GRBs, topics including: (1) the Blandford-Znajek mechanism (BZ) as the central engine of GRBs; (2) The effects of magnetic field (eg., magnetic coupling process (MC), magnetic stress in plunging region) on neutrino-dominated accretion flow (NDAF); (3) the comparison between BZ and NDAF models; (4) the GRMHD simulation (eg., HARM) for the accretion disk and jet launching in the GRB central engine. My research also cover the GRB jet acceleration, radiation and polarization.

Recently, I began to study TDE. Only a small fraction of TDE can launch relativistic jet. I am trying to understand the crucial factor behind such type (like Sw J1644+57, Sw J2058+05). I am also interested in the GR effects, disk formation, jet launching mechanism and radiation in TDE (TDE may enable us to study the whole story of disk accretion and jet production). My work on the measurements of SMBH spin in Sw J 1644+57 and Sw J2058+05 has been reported in UNLV news, UNLV Rebel Yell, and referenced in this book. I also participated several observational proposal (VLBA, Chandra, LMT).

Academic Degrees

2002. 9 – 2006.6 Ph.D. in theoretical physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)

2000. 9 – 2002.7 Master in theoretical physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

1996. 9 – 2000.7 Bachelor in Science, Huazhong Normal University (CCNU)

Professional Experience

2002-Presen : Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2007-2011: Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)

Selected Publications

33.Wei-Hua Lei, Qiang Yuan, Bing Zhang and Q. Daniel Wang, “IGR J12580+0134: The First Tidal Disruption Event with an Off-beam Relativistic Jet”,2016, ApJ, 816, 20, arXiv: 1511.01206

32. Qing-Wen Wu, Bing Zhang, Wei-Hua Lei, Yuan-Chuan Zou, En-Wei Liang and Xin-Wu Cao, “The extension of variability properties in gamma-ray bursts to blazars”, MNRAS, 2015, accepted, arXiv: 1509.04896

31. Hou-Jun Lv, Bing Zhang, Wei-Hua Lei, Ye Li, Paul D. Lasky, “The Millisecond Magnetar Central Engine in Short GRBs”, ApJ, 2015, 805, 89, arXiv:1501.02589

30.Jing Lv, Jing-Wen Xing, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Wei-Hua Lei, Qing-Wen Wu, Ding-Xiong Wang, “Extending the correlation of LR ‑ LX to gamma-ray bursts”, RAA, 2015, 15, 617

29. Shu-Jin Hou, He Gao, Tong Liu, Wei-Min Gu, Da-Bin Lin, Ya-Ping Li, Yun-Peng Men, Xue-Feng Wu, Wei-Hua Lei, Ju-Fu Lu, “Variability of the giant X-ray bump in GRB 121027A and its possible origin ”, MNRAS, 2014, 441, 2375, arXiv:1404.1420

28. Jiu-Zhou Wang, Wei-Hua Lei*, Ding-Xiong Wang, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Bing Zhang, He Gao, Chang-Yin Huang, “Quasi-periodic Variations in X-Ray Emission and Long-term Radio Observations: Evidence for a Two-component Jet in Sw J1644+57 ”, ApJ, 2014, 788, 32, arXiv:1405.0180; Cited by this book

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24. Wei-Hua Lei, Bing Zhang, En-Wei Liang, “Hyperaccreting Black Hole as Gamma-Ray Burst Central Engine. I. Baryon Loading in Gamma-Ray Burst Jets”, ApJ, 2013, 765, 125, arXiv:1209.4427

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22.Tong Liu, En-Wei Liang, Wei-Min Gu, Shu-Jin Hou, Wei-Hua Lei, Lin Lin, Zi-Gao Dai, Shuang-Nan Zhang, “Radial Angular Momentum Transfer and Magnetic Barrier for Short-type Gamma-Ray-burst Central Engine Activity ”, ApJ, 2012, 760, 63, arXiv:1209.4522

21. Rui-Jing Lu, Jun-Jie Wei, En-Wei Liang, Bin-Bin Zhang, Hou-Jun Lv, Lian-Zhong Lv, Wei-Hua Lei, Bing Zhang, “A Comprehensive Analysis of Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Data: II. $E_{\rm p}$-Evolution Patterns and Implications for the Observed Spectrum-Luminosity Relations ”, ApJ, 2012, 756, 112, arXiv:1204.0714

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Selected Cases

• National Natural Science Foundation of China , Grant No. U1431124 (principal)

• National Natural Science Foundation of China , Grant No. 11003004 (principal)

• National Natural Science Foundation of China , Grant No. 10847127 (principal)

• National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 11361140349 (China-Israel jointed program) (participant)

• 973 program , Grant No. 2014CB845800 (participant)

Awards and Honors

Courses Taught

• High Energy Astrophysics

• Introduction to Astrophysics

• College Physics

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