Chen Liang

Associate Professor

Phone: (027)87542391


Academic Areas: SGG、Cryogenic technique

Research Interests: SGG、Cryogenic technique


Academic Degrees

2005.9-2008.6 Candidate for Ph.D. in materials physics and chemistry

Nanjing University Nanjing

2002.9-2005.7 Candidate master in materials physics and chemistry

Yunnan University Kunming

1998.9-2002.7 Bachelor in materials science and engineering

Professional Experience

Selected Publications

1.Liang Chen, Kaisheng Xia, Lizhen Huang, Liwei Li, Libin Pei, Shunxin Fei, Facile synthesis and hydrogen storage application of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes with bamboo-like structure, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2013, 38 (8): 3297-3303.

2. Y. Qiu, Z. Z. Ma, S. X. Huo, H. N. Duan, Z. M. Tian, S. L. Yuan, L. Chen*, Giant dielectric and low voltage varistor behaviors of Ba-doped, J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, 2012, 23 (5): 1587-1591.

3. Liang Chen, Hongxuan Guo, Yidong Xia, Jiang Yin, and Zhiguo Liu, Resistive switching in the devices of Ag/ amorphous Ag30Ge17Se53 films/Pt, Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing,100,309-313 (2010)

4. Liang Chen, Qichang Li, Hongxuan Guo, Ligang Gao,Yidong Xia, Jiang Yin, and Zhiguo Liu. Monte Carlo simulation of the percolation in Ag30Ge17Se53 amorphous electrolyte films, Applied Physics Letters 95,242106 (2009)

5. Liang Chen, Zhiguo Liu, Yidong Xia, Kuibo Yin, Ligang Gao, and Jiang Yin,Electrical field induced precipitation reaction and percolation in Ag30Ge17Se53 amorphous electrolyte films, Applied Physics Letters 94,162112 (2009)

6 Liang Chen, Yidong Xia, Xuefei Liang, Kuibo Yin, Jiang Yin, Zhiguo Liu, and Yong Chen,Nonvolatile memory devices with Cu2S and Cu-Pc bilayered films, Applied Physics Letters 91, 073511 (2007)

7. Liang Chen, Yidong Xia, Xiaoping Huang, Xuefei Liang, JiangYin and Zhiguo Liu,Influence of substrate temperature on the molecular structure of PMMA films deposited by pulsed laser deposition, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 40 3649 (2007)

8. Yidong Xia, Weiye He, Liang Chen, Xiangkang Meng, and Zhiguo Liu, Field-induced resistive switching based on space-charge-limited current Applied Physics Letters 90, 022907 (2007)

9. X. F. Liang, Y. Chen, L. Chen, J. Yin, Z. G. Liu, Electric switching and memory devices made from RbAg4I5 films Applied Physics Letters 90 022508 (2007)

10. H. X. Guo, B. Yang, L. Chen, Y. D. Xia, K. B. Yin, Z. G. Liu, J. Yin, Resistive switching devices based on nanocrystalline solid electrolyte (AgI)(0.5)(AgPO3)(0.5) Applied Physics Letters 91, 243513 (2007)

9. Yidong Xia, Zhiguo Liu, Yang Wang, Lei Shi, Liang Chen, Jiang Yin, and Xiangkang MengConduction behavior change responsible for the resistive switching as investigated by complex impedance spectroscopy Applied Physics Letters 91, 102904 (2007)

11. L. G. Gao, K. B. Yin, Y. D. Xia, L. Chen, H. X. Guo, L. Shi, J. Yin and Z. G. Liu, Effect of NH3 and N2 annealing on the interfacial and electrical characteristics of La2O3 films grown on fully depleted SiGe-on-insulator substrates. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics , 42, 015306 (2009).

12.B.Yang, H. X. Guo , K. B. Yin, Y. D. Xia, L Chen, J. Yin, Z.G. Liu, The < 00l>-oriented growth of Cu2S films and its switching properties, Journal of Electroseramics, 22(1-3),87-89 (2009).

13. L. G. Gao, K. B. Yin, L. Chen, H. X. Guo, Y. D. Xia, J. Yin and Z. G. Liu, The effect of Si surface nitridation on the interfacial structure and electrical properties of (La2O3)(0.5)(SiO2)(0.5) high-k gate dielectric films, Applied Surface Science, 256(1),90-95 (2009).

15. X. B. Yan, K. Li, J.Yin, Y. D. Xia, H. X. Guo, L. Chen, Z.G. Liu, The Resistive Switching Mechanism of Ag/SrTiO3/Pt Memory Cells, Eletrochemical and Solid State Letters,13(3), 87-89(2010)

16.H.N. Xu, Z. G. Liu, Y. D. Xia, L. Chen, H. Zhu, H.X. Guo, J. Yin,Phase Change Behavior in Ag10Ge15Te75 and the Electrolytic Resistive Switching in Both Amorphous and Crystalline Ag10Ge15Te75 Films,Eletrochemical and Solid State Letters,14(2), 99-102(2011)

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