The Group mainly investigates the interaction between ultrafast laser and matter (atoms, molecules, solids). The research is mainly divided to two directions:

1、Ultrastrong and ultrafast optics

The researches of our group included: generation of the extreme time scale light source - attosecond light source, the high resolving spatio-temporal detection of atomic, molecular dynamics process in extremely high temporal and spatial atomic time scales and etc.

Research content:

(1)Attosecond high harmonic light generation and attosecond light quantum control research

Based on the generation of high harmonic generation, we explore the generation of the extreme ultraviolet attosecond light source, and the new mechanism of the single attosecond pulse output. The key issues of the researches are high efficiency single attosecond pulse generation, exceeding hundred attoseconds barrier to achieve output of sub-hundred attoseconds pulses, and application of the ultrafast attosecond light source in the ultrafast probe. The project funds are mainly from the major science and technology projects and the National Natural Science Foundation.

(2) Quantum Dynamics Research of atomic and molecular strong field ionization, dissociation

We carry researches of ionization and dissociation of molecular which belong to basic physical processes of strong field under the excitation of the femtosecond and attosecond pulses, including precision measurement of the strong-field ionization time, characteristics of electron correlation and control, as well as localized electrons coherent control. This project funds mainly comes from the 973 projects and National Natural Science Foundation.

(3) Molecular orbital structure ultrafast detection and imaging studies

Based the "self-probing" phenomenon of the molecules driven by femtosecond laser, we carry out researches about attosecond time-resolved and angstrom spatially-resolved detection and imaging of the molecular orbital structure. The main contents include: molecular orbital tomography, nuclear molecular vibration, rotational dynamics and the high spatial and temporal resolution detection of the evolution of the dynamic electron wave packets in real-time. Project funds comes mainly from the National Natural Science Foundation of China projects.

Researchers: Lu Peixiang, Lan Pengfei, Zhang Qingbin, Zhu Xiaosong, Li Min, Zhou Yueming

2、Micro-nano photonics  

Research topics:

(1) Coupling and management of optical field and nanostructures at the special spatial and temporal scales

We aim to develop the pump-probe technology of high spatial and temporal resolutions, and study the coupling between the spatial and temporal controllable optical field with the quantum dots, nanowires interaction, metallic nanostructures and their composite systems. Our researches may discover novel phenomena and effects at the femtosecond and nanometer scales, and reveal new physics and mechanisms. This topic is mainly from the 973 project.

(2) Nonlinear optical properties of nano composite structures

Based on the confocal microscopic imaging technique, the linear and nonlinear optical properties of single micro- or nano- structure are investigated, such as multi-photon fluorescence and second-harmonic generation. We focus on the stimulated emission characteristics of the noble metal and semiconductor composite structures, in order to obtain high efficiency and low threshold micro and nano light source. The project is mainly from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

(3) Preparation and Properties of nano-functional films and optical fiber devices

   Based on the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technologies, we prepare a variety of ferroelectric and optical thin films and metal-semiconductor composite structures at micro- and nano- scale. Using the femtosecond laser micro-nanofabrication technology, we fabricate various micro-nano optical devices by using optical fibers, transparent dielectric materials, and nonlinear optical crystals. This project is mainly from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Members: Lupei Xiang, Yang Guang, Li Zhihua, Li Wei, Wang Kai, Zhu Xuefeng, Longhua

Address: Room C103, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China

Tel: 027-87543755

Fax: 027-87543755


1、Ultrafast light-matter interaction experimental platform                            2、Attosecond light source and diagnostic system


3、Ti:sapphire laser system (Legend Elite-Duo, Coherent, Inc.10-mJ,35- fs,1kHz.)  4、Nd:YAG laser


5、Ultrafast and micro-area spectroscopy measurement platform                 6、Cryogenic system(<10K )


7、KrF excimer laser(248-nm,20-ns,1-50Hz)                                           8、Pulsed Laser Deposition system