There are two undergraduate majors in the School of Physics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, including Physics and Applied Physics, with over 600 undergraduate students and more than 450 Master students&PHD. The School arranges academic staff members for students as academic advisor, who provide all-around guidance for students’ study, life and career planning.

The objective of this major is to cultivate future’s scientists. We have tailored our curriculum to provide students with a broad and solid foundation of Physical theories, enhanced capability of mathematical and logical analyses, and a good skill of hands-on and experimental analyses. Some concentrations, including Theoretical Physics, Plasma Physics, Condensed-Matter & Materials physics, Optics, Astrophysics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Precision Measurement Physics, are built to provide students a comprehensive understanding on the state of the arts in Physics. The goal is to let students have concrete background knowledge for doing research in the future whatever in frontier science and advanced technology.

The School of Physics  has an academic thought active, rich teaching experience of teachers and the excellent quality of the party management, experimental techniques and teaching assistants. Existing in-service staff of 139 people, including 121 full-time teachers, 50 professors, 53 associate professors.