Sep 21, 2018
On May 21, China’s Queqiao (Magpie Bridge) relay satellite of Chang’e 4 lunar probe was launched into space by a Long March 4C rocket at 5:28 a.m. Beijing Time. This satellite carries a laser corner cube retro-reflector (CCR), which has been developed by Prof. Jun Luo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), and his team s...
Sep 20, 2018
On August 30th, Nature, world’s leading journal, has published a paper about the latest results of gravitational constant G measurement by Luo Jun, academician from the Chinese Academy of Science and his research team. After 30 years of hard work, this team has made overwhelming progress in the course of precise measurement of G value.
Jul 10, 2018
In recent months, multiple research achievements made by Professor Gao Yihua’s team from School of Physics, were published on Nano Energy and ACS Nano.
Jun 28, 2018
On May 29th, Prof. Li Wei and his research team’s paper entitled as An Unusual Phase Transition Driven by Vibrational Entropy Changes in a Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskite was published on the website of Angewandte Chemie International Edition. This is a new research achievement of the Ultrafast.
Jun 16, 2017
On April 26th, Professor Menghao Wu in School of Physics made breakthrough in research on 2D ferroelectric/ferroelastic materials in Nano Letters, entitled as “Intrinsic Ferroelasticity and/or Multiferroicity in Two-Dimensional Phosphorene and Phosphorene Analogues”. It is known that ferroic (ferromagnetic, ferroelectric, or ferroelastic) materials have important applications as non-volatile memory. However, little research has been reported on feasible ferroic memory in low-dimensional.....
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